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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a Library Card

What are the requirements for getting a library card?
The Westfield Public Library is open to all residents and property owners of Westfield-Washington Township (click here for map). First-time library cards are issued free of charge. Adults and students 18 years of age and older applying for a library card must show proof of their current address plus photo identification. Children ages 0-17 must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature on their registration cards.  The parent or guardian must have a current library card and/or show proof of address. In addition, the parent or guardian assumes all liability for items checked out by the minor child.

A temporary resident who lives in the library district from one to twelve months, but does not change legal residence, such as foreign exchange students or individuals on temporary job assignments, may be issued a special one-year card. 
For questions about checkout periods and fines download a copy of the Rules & Regulations (pdf).

If I don't live in Washington Township can I still get a library card? If so how and where do I get one?
The state of Indiana does have a card that allows you to use all of the public libraries in the state of Indiana. It is called a PLAC card. You will need to first obtain a library card in your home district and then purchase a Public Library Access Card (PLAC). The PLAC is Indiana’s statewide library card and the annual cost for 2012 is $50.00. The card expires one year from the date of application for the card. If you live in Hamilton county you can use our library as long as you already have a card from your home library thanks to an agreement between all 5 library systems in the county. You don't have to get a new card when you visit any of the other libraries in Hamilton county but you do need to take your home library card and ID with you so you can be put into each libraries computer system.

How do internet privileges work when it comes to teens and younger children?

If a patron is age 17 and under, then a parent must accompany them to the Circulation desk in order to get their library card changed to allow internet access. A parent or legal guardian must let the front desk know that it is okay for the juvenile or teen to be allowed access to the computers, and they will sign to give their permission. If a parent has not signed that they give permission, then the person will not be allowed to log into the library’s internet computers.

I have lost my library card and need a replacement. How do I do that and is there a fee?

The circulation desk can easily make you a replacement card. Be sure to bring your current photo identification with you to the library. The charge for a replacement card is $2.00.

Finding Materials

What does the “B” stand for in the catalog?
Different letters and numbers, known as "call numbers" (click here for a list of all the different call numbers), are used to help you find the location of a certain item within the library. Our biography collection is alphabetized by the name of the person the book is written about, rather than by the name of the author. This makes it easy to browse the collection by the person’s name. Adult Biographies are located in the bay window area and are shelved in a U shape on the shelves that line the outside walls. Feel free to ask for help at our Information & Reference Services desk! 

Where are the books on tape/books on CD?

The books on tapes and CD are located down the first aisle by the fiction section of the library. These items have a check out period of three weeks, the same as regular print books. We also have audiobooks available for download online.  Visit the Audio Visual Department page.

There is a book that I want and the catalog says that it is checked in, but I can’t find it. What should I do?
The best way to get help is to visit the Information & Reference Services desk, or the Children’s desk if you are looking for a children’s book. Sometimes the item has just recently been checked in but has not had time to be reshelved. The staff there will do everything they can to help you find the item. If for some reason we cannot locate it, we can put it on hold for you. When the book if found, the library will contact you. If the book is still missing after a certain amount of time, we could proceed with looking for other alternatives in acquiring the book for you. These include either replacement of the book in our collection or the possibility of borrowing the book from another library through interlibrary loan.

How do you request an item that the library does not already have in the catalog?

Material request and Interlibrary Loan forms are available at the Reference desk. The library will then decide whether we will purchase or borrow the item from another library when handling your request. You can also email your request to librarian @wwpl.lib.in.us. Please include your library card number when emailing a request.

What is an interlibrary loan and is there a fee?

An interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service that allows us to borrow items from another library that we generally cannot or do not purchase for our library. Unfortunately, we cannot renew ILL items, and we are not able to borrow out-of-state items through interlibrary loan at this time. Out-of-state items may be requested by the individual through the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis. Patrons using the interlibrary loan service must be a Westfield Washington Township resident with a library card in good standing. PLAC card holders should use their home library for ILL requests.

Does the library have resources in looking up historical information on Westfield? If so how do I access it?
We do have some Indiana History resources in the Sumner Room but you will find additional information by contacting the local historical society. Visit their museum, call them at (317) 804-5365 or go to the Westfield Washington Historical Society website where there is a link to their e-mail as well. The Genealogy Club that meets in the Sumner Room the first Saturday of each month at 10am may also be able to help you learn how to improve your search.

Library Services

What are the charges to print or copy at the library?
The charges to print from the public computers at the library are 10¢ per page for black and white, and 25¢ per page for color. There is a coin operated black and white copier between the circulation desk and the video department that costs 10¢ per page.

Does the library have a scanner for public use?
The library has a scanner for public use available in the Sumner Room that will allow you to scan directly to a USB or memory card.

Does the library have a wireless network so that I can bring in my own computer?
Yes, the library does have open wireless Internet for our patrons. When you come into the library, stop by the information desk to get the current password that you will need for the first time you need to connect.

Library Programs

Does the library have English as a second language courses and if so how do I sign up?
Yes, the library does have English as a second language classes. The class times and days vary, as does the class level. To sign up, the first step is to come into the library’s Information & Reference Services desk and fill out an application (or download the application here). We have them available in English and in Spanish but can help with other languages if needed. After you fill out the application, you will receive a call to set up an informal interview so we can place you in the appropriate class. These classes are free.

Do you have computer classes? Is there a fee?

Yes, every month we feature one basic computer class topic and one advanced computer class topic. The same class is normally offered twice that month for your convenience. The class size limit is six people, so sign up is required at the Information & Reference Services desk. There is no fee for the class. You can also find the different topics listed on the Information & Reference Services page or on bookmarks that are available at the Information & Reference Services desk.

Can patrons put collections on display?

Yes! The library has a display case for patrons who would like to put their collections on display. You can sign up by contacting the Information & Reference Services desk, and you may request a specific month if it is open. Typically, we display collections for 30 days at a time, and then we change displays out at the beginning of every month.  Check out this blog post for examples!

How Can I Help?

Does the library take donations?
Yes, we are happy to accept donations of fiction or non-fiction books, music CD's, DVD's, audiobooks, and computer games in good condition. The library does not accept textbooks or magazines (except National Geographic). If we cannot use items for our collection, donations are passed onto the Friends of the Library for their book sale which takes place every other month. Bring in the donation to the information desk and let us know if you need a receipt for tax purposes. We also accept monetary donations. Download the donation policy and material donation form. Download the monetary donation form.

What are the requirements for students to work or volunteer at the library after school?
Student workers must be at least 14 years old and have a work permit signed from the school. This is a paid position; applications are available at the circulation desk. As for volunteers, the children’s department is always looking for volunteers for a variety of things including the summer reading program. To volunteer, please come into the library and go to the children’s desk.

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